Puebla, Mexico · Slow Fashion: Modern Indigenous Textiles
 "Feel the privilegie of wearing art." - Denisse Kuri
About the Artist After six months of living and learning from weaving craftswomen in the Mexican state of Chiapas, Denisse embarks on a journey to meet the women who have maintained the indigenous textile culture in Mexico until today.  Inspired by their work, she sets to find these souls and inspire them in the same way, creating a work in collaboration that can transcend in time. Inspire yourself with a new movement of young artists innovating with indigenous techniques. These extraordinary slow fashion* pieces will empower you with their spirit and design, allowing you to enjoy the modern power of ancient fashion. * Slow fashion is about creating things with purpose. Having few things of better quality. Being environmentally and ethically conscious with what we buy. Owning durable garments with a story behind their creation.

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