Jug with Women's Faces Dolores Porras Decorative Vessel

BY Dolores PorrAS
Mexico, 1937


“The flora and fauna in her work was flora and fauna only found in Dolores’s garden.” 

Dolores Porras Enríquez (1937) is widely known throughout Mexico and the world for being the creator of a technique rooted in the land of Oaxaca: pottery in natural color, glazed and decorated with floral motifs and colorful animals.

In the early 1980s, Dolores proposed the idea of giving color to the traditionally made pottery of Atzompa. Although she was already known for her flower pots in natural color clay, this vivid approach of decorating with lucid turtle figures, iguanas, snakes, fishes, flowers, mermaids, and human faces was the catapult to her fame.

Her work is distinguished not only by the translucent glaze but by the inimitable Picasso-like figures that she painted or built on the surface of the pieces. Her pieces have been in high demand by collectors and institutions since the 1980s. She will always be remembered as one of the most complete contemporary artisans of all times.

27 cm H x 26 cm W x 26 cm D

30 in H x 23 in W x 23 in D

Modeling Clay 

In the 80´s Dolores began to experiment with new techniques to obtain a greater variety of tones that consisted on an oxidation process of metals to obtain a glazed finish. This finish was different from the green color used traditionally in Atzompa. 

Dolores also took advantage of the pastillaje technique and bas-relief mixing new forms and figures over traditional models, creating a style of her own. 

Made in Santa María Atzompa, Oaxaca 


This is a unique work.

One of a kind piece, created by artist Dolores Porras.

*Piece contains NO signature: at the time of creation it was not usual for artisans to sign their .

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